My sewing nook

8 Feb

The weather is horrible. It’s so foggy I can’t get any decent shots of the teeny tiny objects I’ve finished. So instead, here’s a look at where I made them. This is my humble sewing nook in one corner of our living space. It’s not usually this clean, I staged the photo. But it is pretty, even when overflowing with fabric. The table and chair were birthday gifts, as was the sewing machine, and all have been put into good use, I promise!

sewing space

Next I’m gonna bravely show you my stash. I made a new year’s resolution this year, after many many resolution-free years. But this one is a toughie, so I needed the help of a public announcement. I have too much fabric (and yarn!) and so I promised not to buy any new this year. Of course, these are several clausus which permit me purchases, such as “abroad”, “commissioned work”, “only need binding to finish a quilt”, etc. A girl needs some loopholes, after all. :)

sewing cabinet

My precious stash lives on the middle shelf of this Ikea Granemo cabinet. I like to organize my stash first by weight (home decor vs. quilting), by planned projects, and then the “free” fabric by color. It inspires me to see random combinations of fabric from several lines. In addition to these fabrics, I’ve got a collection of linens and curtains bought at flea markets. Perhaps some day they too can fit into the cabinet. For now, they get to stay in the bedroom closet.

I also keep my sewing books and patterns in the cabinet, on the top shelf. The cohabit with several boxes and tins filled with ribbons and pins and such. The blue bag holds all the scraps I cannot bear to throw away.

On the bottom shelve I can fit my machine (when not in use) plus two boxes for works-in-progress. Hiding behind them are my quilting rulers and swift.

Speaking of those flea market fabrics, I’m thinking next I should make, oh, about dozen aprons, starting with these lovelies. The quilts have progressed, and I’ll prove that as soon as I and my Ixus see some sun!

fabric inspiration

One Response to “My sewing nook”

  1. ginny February 8, 2009 at 11:01 pm #

    sigh….that is just gorgeous, love your project pics as well.

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