Piecing it together

15 Feb

Here’s the promised update on the quilts. The baby quilt top is finished! I’m making a Zig Zag quilt, according to the this tutorial from Purl bee. I have the backing but still need to decide on the binding fabric. The top measures 32 x 40 inches.

daisy chain zig zag

The charm pack was two charms short, and I would have needed all 40 different fabrics of the Daisy Chain line from Amy Butler. Luckily she’s very true to her colors, so I mixed in a print from Midwest Modern and another from Belle. I’m hoping they won’t stand out to the untrained eye. :)

daisy chain zig zag detail

The grown-up quilt is coming together, too. Here’s a view of the blocks I’ve pieced. I’ve kept moving them around on the floor all morning, trying to get a nice spread of colors, prints and sizes. Micromanaging, perhaps. Random is truly difficult to achieve on purpose.

morning call blocks

Next I will piece vertical columns of sashing and add random widths of horizontal strips between the blocks. I constructed the blocks based on the Pink Bliss quilt tutorial. In order to get a larger quilt and use up all the fabric I’m basically winging it from here.

morning call sashing

2 Responses to “Piecing it together”


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