Book review: Japanese quilt blocks

22 Feb

A few weeks back I showed some of the new quilting and sewing books I’d bought. I thought I’d shortly go through them one at a time and show some example pages. First up is Japanese quilt blocks to mix and match by Susan Briscoe. The first time I bought this book it was a gift but I wanted my very own copy as well because I liked the simplicity of the blocks. This is definitely a reference book for individual block designs rather than a book on complete quilt designs.

Book: Japanese quilt blocks

1. japanese quilt blocks: cover, 2. japanese quilt blocks: patchwork blocks, 3. japanese quilt blocks: sampler, 4. japanese quilt blocks: sashiko sampler

The book offers the schematics for making 132 different quilt blocks: 82 patchwork blocks, 20 sashiko blocks, 23 kamon blocks and 7 takarazukushi blocks. I like the visual construction guidelines and the way it fits two designs into one page. A drawback of this frugality is that all applique and some embroidery patterns must be enlarged.

The general technique part which every quilting book seems to have is nice and concise, less than 20 pages including the sashiko. In the very beginning of the book there is a handy guide showing you how to use the book and to read the instructions on the block pages. All blocks carry symbols according to: which technique they are made with, and what skill level they require.

Book: Japanese quilt blocks 2

1. japanese quilt blocks: sashiko, 2. japanese quilt blocks: how to, 3. japanese quilt blocks: kamon crest, 4. japanese quilt blocks: takarazukushi

In between the pages of block designs, there are plenty of suggestions on how to mix&match different blocks. The sashiko embroidery blocks are stunning and the technique seems simple enough although I’m sure it takes some practise to get those running stitches nice and even. I won’t attempt to tackle the takarazukushi applique blocks beyond their name :)

Go see more of the book in the Amazon preview. All the block designs are shown as thumbnails in the table of contents.

4 Responses to “Book review: Japanese quilt blocks”

  1. Ellu February 26, 2009 at 11:51 am #

    Kiitos kirjakatsauksesta! Mielenkiintoinen opus.

    Huomasin tuolta aiemmasta postauksesta, että olit käyttänyt modan valmista (??) binding tapea. Mistä ihmeestä näitä voi ostaa? Olen kolunnut nettikauppoja ja löytänyt korkeintaan jotain jouluisia.. ei oikein innosta tähän aikaan vuodesta, jos edes joulunakaan ;)

  2. Stina February 26, 2009 at 6:13 pm #

    Ellu, taisin olla hieman huolimaton sanavalinnoissani siinä aiemmassa postauksessa. Tein siis vinonauhan itse ihan metritavarakankaasta. En ole nähnyt kovinkaan paljon valikoimaa noissa printtinauhoissa, eikä itse tekeminen ole iso vaiva. Ainoat valmiina ostamani printtivinonauhat ovat Lecienin valmistamia, ostin ne Superbuzzy-kaupasta.

  3. Quilt Forums December 31, 2009 at 9:06 pm #

    I like it.


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    […] a bed. I concocted a small doll quilt on Saturday afternoon, using a block design (no. 49) from the Japanese quilt block book I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. I like the way the materials came together for this quilt: the prints from […]

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