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8 Mar

Last weekend, while back home, I managed to dig out my old doll bed from storage. After a good wipe down, I decided it needed some upgrades. Not that it wasn’t a great bed in the late seventies but the retro charm alone might not appeal to the new doll owner. So I added a new mattress, with a cover sewn from Alexander Henry’s fun 2D Zoo fabric. I’ve stashed way too much of this fabric in various colorways.


2D Zoo

Of course, a simple mattress was not going to make a bed. I concocted a small doll quilt on Saturday afternoon, using a block design (no. 49) from the Japanese quilt block book I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. I like the way the materials came together for this quilt: the prints from my stash (apples from Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson, the floral from Come quilt with me by Marcus Brothers and the wavy print from Joel Dewberry’s Manzanita), the white sashing fabric from an old bed sheet of my grandmother’s, and the binding is from Kokka in Japan. The execution is less than perfect but perhaps the story of it will make up for my flaws.

Yosegi kawari royagoshi

Bed made

Now I’m off to take the bed apart, lug it to the next town and reassemble before a certain littke girl wakes up from her nap. We’ll see how many generations more this authentic Jukka bed will endure. I’m hoping it will return to my family someday. :)



Shades of summer

1 Mar

I long for summer. But not for the weather. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like warmth and sunshine as much as the next girl. My motives are just a bit more complex. See, when the sun shines plants and mushrooms grow. When it’s warm, I can play with pots and pans outside. When it’s summer, I can add to my collection of shades. This is fingering weight silk-wool yarn, in two dozen different shades.

Naturally dyed silk/wool yarn

I took up natural dyeing two summers back and got hooked pretty badly straight away. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. I have only dyed with things I can find where I live (kitchen cupboards included). My favorites are the mushroom dyes and the surprising results, for example a pale blue from the deep red dye bath extracted from the creeping woodrsorrel growing on our yard. See the next photo for labels of dye stuff and mordant (alum and or iron sulfite).

Naturally dyed silk/wool yarn

This week, I started turning this palette into a rainbow-like construction. I love watching the color changes and stop every few moments to admire them which means it’ll take a while to finish this! My sis said it’s autumny but my pots and I know better. :)

feather and fan detail