Happy birthday!

28 Apr

Once upon a time, in the shadow of a tall tree, there was a colorful little barn.

barn by the tree

Inside the barn, lived a happy mixed pack of animals.

this is our home

Luckily for two-year-olds, they like to come out and play on the lawn.

let's play

Pattern:Fabric dollhouse tutorial

Fabrics: Amy Butler, Ikea (reinforcement is batting taped to thin cutting board pieces)

Reception: The barn got carried around, buttons were examined very carefully and assorted animals were tossed into the pan together with the felted food for a rather straightforward stew. A success all around!

3 Responses to “Happy birthday!”

  1. Leila May 1, 2009 at 4:23 pm #

    Aivan upea eläinkotinavetta! Mistä nuo eläimet olet löytänyt? Kyllä olis meidänkin tytöt tykänneet!

  2. UK lass in US May 3, 2009 at 5:41 pm #

    I love the fabrics and the embroidery. It turned out great.

    And I really like that green / white backdrop – is that a picture or wallpaper?

  3. stina May 3, 2009 at 6:14 pm #

    Thank you for the tutorial, UK lass! The backdrop is actually a Alexander Henry print stapled onto a frame. The name of the print is “The Grove” and if I recall correctly it was available in brown, too.

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