Delta E quilt

24 May

I saw the Morning call collection by Hoodie in December and immediately bought six different prints and matching Bella solids from Fat Quarter Shop. Color matching was done with the scientific scrutiny and involved meticulous calculations of color differences (thanks to my expert consultant!).

morning call front

The basic blocks are from Amy Butler’s Pink Bliss quilt but I made more of them and improvised the layout and the vertical strips. The finished quilt measures 54 x 80 inches (137 x 203 cm). The back is a gray Egyptian cotton sheet. I quilted the thing in the ditch, randomly following the rectangles in the quilt top.

morning call back

The binding is made out of the red spoon and fork print. I like the way the white and black utensils alternate. Extra points for those who spy the duck amongst all that wonky quilting!

morning call binding and back detail

Well needless to say that it took me a long time to finish this quilt. I started piecing it in February! During the spring I fell out of love with the fabrics, mostly due to growing annoyance at my own laziness. But have no fear, the finished quilt has found a loving home nonetheless.

morning call quilt

One Response to “Delta E quilt”

  1. Leila June 28, 2009 at 5:26 pm #

    Tämä minun ihana äitienpäivälahjani on todellinen katseenvangitsija asunnossani! Värit, kuviot ja tietenkin työn toteutus tuovat iloa ja innostusta aina, kun katselen peittoa! Ja aina näen myös peiton tekijän ja ihmettelen hänen taitoaan! Nyt peittoni on saanut aivan uuden tehtävän: hoitaa kipeytynyt selkäni ja jalkani kuntoon. Näin heltellä huomaan kankaan viileyden, joka helpottaa oloani. Taidanpa innostua ristipistotyöstä; jospas minäkin osaisin tehdä jotain käsilläni!

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