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In the dark

27 Nov

I haven’t knitted in ages. These socks were finished sometime this fall. The yarn is The Unique Sheep’s  Tinsel Toes in the colorway Spiced Apple. Very fitting for this time of the year, no?

The pattern came from a blog but I’ve misplaced my printed pattern, can’t seem to locate the pdf and my googlefu is failing me miserably. I’d like to give credit where it’s due so help me out. What pattern is this? It’s a cleancut two by two zig zag rib and I think the eye of partridge heel was my addition. Maybe it’ll come to me…

mystery socks

Here are some of my souvenirs from Vancouver. Fleece Artist Nova socks and Hand Maiden Casbah (colorway Hemlock). Not even intended for knitting yet, just admiring. I think all pretty yarns should be put on layaway for a while so you can decide on a pattern and cause worthy of it.

Nova Scotia goodness

Not a lot of light around. I can feel the hibernation mode coming on. I’m ready to be snowed in!

snowed in



24 Nov

I wanted to learn a new skill this year. Now, I’m not entirely sure I could claim that I know how to weave so I’ll let you decide. I bought this baby from Fibrecrafts and my friend of the amazing biceps hauled it to Finland. No, it didn’t fit into my suitcase. Yes, I thanked her. No, I didn’t thank her enough. Thank you!

Flip loom

She’s a 15 inch Schacht Flip folding rigid heddle loom and I am in love. The first few weeks I just started at the parts from the couch. Sizing them up, getting ready for the battle. One glorious Sunday I put her together and placed her on my coffee table. A perfect match. Some petting of the ever so smooth maple wood finish ensued. It took me another week to even think about warping. It was rather straight forward, as I followed the (you guessed it) direct warping method. A few adjustments to tension and I was off. This is the second thing to come off my loom. The first was deemed a sight not suitable for children.

Noro scarf open

Facts: The warp is undyed fingering-weight Knitpicks Gloss and the weft is Noro Silk Garden Lite in colorway 37. I used 150 g of both yarns for a scarf that’s 72 inches long and 13 inches wide. The finishing is an improvised hemstitch done in both directions for symmetry.

Noro scarf detail

More facts: I love it some much I never want to wear other scarves. Plus it got me more attention in Vancouver than I could have dreamt of. Thank you random bus driver on Kingsway! Oh, and “woof”? An old term for weft. I just thought it funny. :)

Noro scarf