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The nephew, he has a name

14 Mar

Yesterday we celebrated the christening of my nephew. I’d started his present back in September which turned out to be a wise move. I set to quilt animal outlines, picking the critters at random. But my fingers and hand quilting do not seem to mix: I managed to do about 2-4 shapes at a time before my skin broke.


In the end I’ve got calluses to show for a 41×41 inch square quilt! It’s exactly one width of the fabric, no piecing work involved here. I did not count the shapes quilted, they must be in triple digits though.


I really like how the animal outlines look on the Miller Ta Dot backing print. The binding is a 3/4 inch wide Perla cotton. I was with my foxy friend at the local fabric store, cursing myself for forgetting to bring a sample of the front print when she happily announced that this solid teal would match. Of course she knew, having used the same fabric for a baby quilt. Isn’t it great to hang out with people who can instantly match any fabric it seems?


I’m glad I did this by hand but it might be a one-time thing, just as his special day. I might use hand quilting as a feature in a mostly machine quilted piece though. Much appreciation for those who do quilting by hand!

Oh, and the name? Suits him. :)